The Ultimate FaceBook Ads Guide For Business Owners


Facebook campaigns work really well for business owners. They can be a very powerful tool to use to effectively reach your customers. But if you question why they are not working as well for you as your competition, you are in the right place!

In this guide, we will go over everything Facebook related to help your campaign grow within a short matter of time.

Content is King

We hear all the time that content is king. It matters in SEO, but also with your Facebook ads. You can put the focus of your content on a blog with a related topic. An example of this could be on your blog, if your product is shoes, you could create a section for high heels. Then you could create a category for athletic shoes, and another one for sandals.

This will make it possible for you to convert more visitors.


Facebook and freebies go hand in hand. Who doesn’t enjoy something free? One simple way to do this is to offer free content when someone fills out their name, email, or phone number. This content should offer information that is very valuable to the person.

You can easily create these freebies in a PDF format, or could consider using an audible version. What is really great about this type of content is that it builds up trust. And when trust is built, it is the foundation of business, meaning these individuals will potentially become your customers.

Giveaways can also raise conversions because possible customers will see value that you are offering within your services. This is a great way to bring new leads to your brand.

FaceBook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great tool to use for your business. If people are lurking around on your Facebook page, and can not find the answer to a question they have, they can quickly and easily send you a message.

What we love about this is that Facebook has put in a lot of effort to change the way their message system can help your business. You are free to engage with customers to find out more about their wants and needs while possibly converting new leads.

Another way that FaceBook Messenger works as a tool for business owners is that individuals can see that they are conversing to a real person. On many websites that have chat, you are not talking to a real person, and your answers never fully get answered. But with Messenger, you are there, assisting them with whatever they need.

Re-purpose With A Passion

Have you had an ad that really took off? Or that others were passionate about with their likes and comments? If so, take that idea and run with it. Re-purpose it, only making it better. Take the old ad, use it in a new campaign, and target a different audience with it.

Split Testing

Split testing is a very effective way to experiment with what works for your campaign. You can split test many different things: Facebook Ad placement, your ads headline, ad types, audiences, stock photos vs. customized ones, campaign objectives, images vs. videos, and more.

Facebook Canvas

Experienced Facebook advertisers know the best tools to use. Facebook Canvas is one of the tools that they use to have quite a bit of success. You will be able to provide a mesmerizing experience with your users that use mobile devices.

With Facebook Canvas, you will be able to boost your engagement of your brand.

Utilize Lead Ads

Lead ads have been introduced by Facebook to help all business owners collect leads. A pre-filled out form is used, and we have seen it work quite nicely.

You do not have import and export leads every day, so it is impossible to send an email or call a new lead immediately.

80/20 Works Best

A rule of 80/20 works best when running a Facebook Ads campaign. This rule means that 80 percent of the outcome of the ad will come from 20% of the cause.

The 80/20 rule works best when you use the same target.

Use Other Countries

One huge tip when it comes to Facebook ads for business owners that want to boost their ads is to allow other countries to see it first. Those social media users will be more apt to like your ad, or make comments. And with more likes and shares, it will make it possible for your ad to reach many more potential customers.

Headlines Work Wonder

Did you know that almost 60% of Facebook members will share a news article with others after only reading the headlines? This is why a good title is essential. Focus on this first, making it interesting and intriguing so others want to click on it. Include unique tidbits, special offers, or other information that you want them to see immediately. Having a really great title versus an OK title can be all the difference between a person clicking through or not.

Choose Images Wisely

Images are what often sell individuals on a certain product. The same goes for Facebook ads. First, you will need to pick a high-quality image. Place it on a white background. A white background will allow all colors in your image to stand out, which will entice your viewers.

Create Better Ads

You can easily create better ads to suit your customers using Facebook. And best of all, it is simple to do.

To start, you will need to go to the Audience tab, and then click on the “Create Saved Audience” from the list. Click on “Add a Connection Type ” and then select the “People Who Like Your Page” button.

By doing this, you will be creating an audience look alike, and be able to run your ads.

About Page Visitors

Those that visit the about page of your website are great individuals to target. Why? Because they are truly interested in learning more about your company and brand. These visitors can easily be converted into clients.

Call to Action Buttons

A call to action button is essential when it comes to making your Facebook ads strong. However, so many people overlook this simple thing to do. You will be able to increase your clickthrough rate by well over 84%, which is a huge number. And best of all, Facebook will allow you to pick the button that works best for you, such as a Sign-up button.

Create Surveys

The absolute best way to get to know your potential customers is to create surveys. This will allow you to get to know what your audience wants and needs. You will also be able to generate many new leads from these surveys.

FaceBook Pixel Tool

If you have not yet used the Facebook Pixel Tool, you are missing out. You can easily increase the results of your FaceBook ads as a very specific audience is created. Campaigns can be run again after you have optimized your audience, building off the behaviors of users that are on your blog or website.

Benefits of using the Facebook Pixel tool include re-targeting all your website visitors, as well as seeing metrics and reports of the actions that your visitors take on your site.

Niche Targets

You will have the best luck with your ads campaign if you select a niche that is specific. You will then want to create a campaign that uses specific images related to the niche.

Utilizing this method will allow you to use words that truly describe your products. This will help you really find the desires of your targeted audience.


Panoramas work differently depending on how they are used. Perhaps you will have good luck using one in a news feed. However, another ad may work better for those on mobile devices.

When you separate these, you will be able to better analyze your ad’s results, thus, you will be able to scale a campaign that is truly effective.

Minimize Opt In Forms

People are very busy these days, and not everyone has the time to sit down and type a lot about themselves. The registration form should have fewer fields so the individual fills it out fully. Many people now will skip over parts, or if it is mandatory to fill out, they will leave the site. It is worth it on your part to have your potential customers fill in less, as this could lead to more leads on your part. Keep the information relevant to what you really need to know, as having them fill out too little is also detrimental to your leads as well.

Video Engagement

Video engagement is a huge thing for Facebook ads and the business owner. With a Custom Audience, you will be able to increase the conversions of your campaign. By doing this, you will see dramatic results.

In Summary

As you have read, there are many different methods that can be used to help your business when it comes to Facebook ads. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and know that by incorporating a few of these ideas into your brand, you will be much more successful.