Supercharge Your Amazon Sales With These 3 Tools

If you own an Amazon store or are planning on selling on Amazon, you may be looking for ways to get more sales. There are many marketing tools that you could consider using that can be used to supercharge your sales and positive reviews.

In this guide, we will go over three of the top marketing tools from eComEngine that will be sure to supercharge your Amazon storefront. We will list all of the benefits and features and let you know what existing customers are saying about these top-notch tools.

About eComEngine

Before we delve into the three marketing tools that will greatly help your sales grow, I think it is important to know a bit about the company that made them. eComEngine has been around since 2007. They have helped serve others for over 12 years, supporting sellers in 100+ countries. To date, they have received over 60 million feedbacks. The company provides cutting-edge tools along with reliable software. They also have solid engineering with fantastic support. We have personally used eComeEngine and the below tools to help customers significantly boost positive Amazon reviews and sales.

1. FeedbackFive

If you are looking to proactively manage your customer reviews, as well as your Amazon feedback, FeedbackFive could be the marketing too you are looking for. Thousands of Amazon sellers trust FeedbackFive, such as BarnWood USA and Waterton Cafe. FeedbackFive knows how you can successfully connect with your customers in order to build a better reputation.

The Plans

There are four different plans that FeedbackFive offers. These include:

  • Lite
    • 50 monthly emails
    • 2 campaigns
    • 1 store included
    • 2 free ASINS tracked
    • 1 user
    • free
  • Basic
    • 250 monthly emails
    • 2 campaigns
    • 1 store included
    • 2 free ASINS tracked
    • unlimited users
    • $9.99 per month
  • Pro
    • 1,500 monthly emails
    • 2 campaigns
    • 1 store included
    • 5 free ASINS tracked
    • unlimited users
    • $29.99 per month
  • Enterprise
    • Choose from 8,000 to 1,000,000 monthly emails
    • unlimited campaigns
    • 5 stores included
    • 10 free ASINS tracked
    • unlimited users
    • starting at $59.99 per month

Features of FeedbackFive

FeedbackFive has many features that make it unique for Amazon store owners. These include:

  • Amazing customer support via phone and email/help center
  • Include targeted links for buyers to leave feedback or reviews
  • Reputation management that is exceptional and Intuitive reputation management dashboard
  • Send emails manually
  • Manually exclude orders from solicitation Works with Amazon FBA accounts
  • Supports,, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr
  • Build eye-catching email templates with our intuitive email wizard
  • Ready to go feedback and review campaigns
  • Basic timing capabilities (time of day, days after order, etc.)

All of those features are included with all four of the plans. There are more features with the paid plans.

Fuel Your Amazon Seller Reputation

FeedbackFive can help sellers on Amazon boost up their reputation, making them sell more. They can do this because of the following:

  1. They provide email automation so one can request not only Seller feedback, but also customer reviews.
  2. There is actionable data. Customer satisfaction can be monitored by order date, SKU, ASIN, and more so you can make informed decisions.
  3. Fast notifications are received by SMS text and emails so your business can deliver fast customer support.
  4. Customized campaigns can be created to get the best results.
  5. Sellers worldwide trust FeedbackFive as they support 10 Amazon marketplaces.

Testimonials of FeedbackFive

Many people have been highly impressed with FeedbackFive. Here are what several customers are saying:

  • “FeedbackFive radically increased our number of feedbacks per day giving our new customers more reasons to buy from us.” – Jeff Green, Barnwood USA
  • “FeedbackFive increased our customer review rate from around 1% to 10%.” -Nate Justiss, Distil Union
  • “When I started using FeedbackFive, my prime product was down in the 1000’s on’s Best Seller list for that category and my sales were averaging maybe one a day. Now that product is number 3 in its category and number 1 on a search for that product on and averaging 3 sales a day, and climbing. The big difference? FeedbackFive! A BIG THANK YOU for an excellent tool.” – Trevor Hamin, Waterton Cafe

2. MarketScout

If you are looking for a market research tool, MarketScout is the way to go. This innovative product is perfect for Amazon merchants who want reliable data about various products before they are added to the inventory. It is easy to use- simply use the template MarketScout has provided and upload your list of ASINs, UPCs, and/or EANs. Then sit back and relax while MarketScout does all the work by compiling a report to view online or download.

The Plans

There are three different plans that you can pick from. Each of these plans from MarketScout pays as you go, with no credit card required!

  • Starter Plan
    • $100
    • 10,000 credits
    • $.0100/credit
    • 100 free credits when signing up
  • Pro Plan
    • $250
    • $.0050/credit
    • 100 free credits when signing up
  • Ultimate Plan
    • $400
    • .0040/credit
    • 100 free credits when signing up

Features of MarketScout

There are quite a few key features of MarketScout that make this Amazon tool help supercharge your sales. The features include:

  • Competitive Intelligence- See who is selling what and how items are performing by getting an inside look. This is an easy way to get ahead of your competition.
  • Simplified Research- Upload your UPC list or ASINs with cost data and look for new or used items.
  • Robust Reporting- Many reports can be seen to help your business get ahead of the game. These tools include Amazon product sales rank and category, number of FBA sellers, lowest FBA price, lowest overall price, Potential profit margin calculations, Model number and manufacturer, unit price, and much more.
  • Super-Fast- No need to conduct hours of research. Any details you need will be delivered to you quickly.
  • Analyze Margins- See upfront how Amazon’s fees will impact the profit margin of each item you sell.

Testimonials of MarketScout

Many individuals have had great luck with MarketScout. Here are what people are saying about this Amazon tool:

  • “I don’t have to spend 10 hours researching suppliers.” -Amy
  • “I love using MarketScout for wholesale sourcing research. Results spreadsheet are delivered quickly with all the information that I need to make an informed inventory buying decisions.”- Cara Goodman, Elanacent
  • “It saves us so much work because I did it all- working through the products and taking each item one by one and pasting into the search bar. It would take hours and weeks to go through catalogs because it is so much work. The first time we did it on MarketScout, and five minutes later it was all done, and my husband said: “Oh, my, this will make our lives so much easier!”- Eliana

3. ReStockPro

RestockPro is an easy to use inventory management tool designed for Amazon FBA sellers. With ReStockPro, you will never run out of stock. ReStockPro supports a variety of kits that come with exclusive Kit Optimizer technology. They currently support kits, bundles, and multipacks that are from the same supplier. With ReStockPro, you will be able to make decisions fast for your business.

The Plans

There are five plans for ReStockPro. These include:

  • Starter
    • $99.99 per month
    • 1,000 FBA Orders
    • 10,000 Active SKUs
    • 1 user
  • Pro
    • $139.99 per month
    • 2,500 FBA Orders
    • 10,000 Active SKUs
    • 3 users
  • Premium
    • $249.99 per month
    • 7,5000 FBA Orders
    • 10,000 Active SKUs
    • 5 users
  • Ultimate
    • $399.99 per month
    • 20,000 FBA Orders
    • 20,000 Active SKUs
    • 10 users
  • Enterprise
    • starting at $599.99 per month
    • 35,000 to 300,000 FBA Orders
    • 20,000 Active SKUs
    • 10 users

All plans come with a free trial. All features come with every plan, and there are not any hidden charges, such as charges based off a percentage of sales.

Features of ReStockPro

ReStockPro is full of features that can help your Amazon site gain sales. These features include:

  • Maximize your profits- Stay focused on what products have the most profit with the help of ReStockPro.
  • Print Stickers- Easily print Amazon Compliant stickers and labels.
  • Purchase orders- Keep track of your costs and all orders that you have ordered and received.
  • Forecast Accurately- Get assistance in knowing when and how much to order with ReStockPro.
  • Simplify Shipments- Build and pack shipments for success to be sure they arrive safely.
  • Build Kits- Track every kit’s sale history, Amazon fees and costs, profits, and more.
  • Manage more- With ReStockPro, you can easily manage more than one store just by toggling between stores once you have been logged in.
  • Availability- ReStockPro is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Testimonials of ReStockPro

People all over are raving about ReStockPro. Here are what some said about this amazing management tool:

  • “We love RestockPro. They have wonderful customer service and this software is extremely user-friendly. I would highly recommend this software product to anyone who has wholesale accounts. It does a wonderful job of suggestion reorders, let’s us know when inventory is low, creates POs very easily, checks in inventory with a breeze gives inventory profit margin broken down to the detail, handles FBA inventory and local inventory as well.” – Daneen
  • “ReStockPro helped a garage operation grow to become a multi-million dollar business.” -Hitesh Metha, Titan Rig

In Conclusion has the best Amazon marketing tools to supercharge all of your sales. The company has an amazing customer support and will be with you all the way to help you out. All plans are affordable and will make the difference between selling a few items to selling hundreds of items. FeedbackFive, MarketScout, and ReStockPro are all great investments in your Amazon store as they will help you manage your store better in order to have more success.