Page Builders For WordPress: Why Use Them?

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Page Builder For WordPress: Why Use Them?

Using a Page Builder is essential when you use WordPress in my personal opinion. Page Builders are plugins that are optional, but I feel that everyone needs to use them. One can easily edit their pages using a Page Builder. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using Page Builders. We will delve into the top Page Builder … Read More

Wix Website Building – Making Everything Amazing.

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Why try the Wix website building platform? Is it really useful? Is the price worth it? Is it better than WordPress? What are Wix advantages over other competing website builders? You may have heard of WordPress before but Wix may be new to you. However, you should take the time to get to know Wix and see what it offers … Read More

Why Getresponse? Our favorite email newsletter system on the market.

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Easy Automation Getresponse automation features are unrivaled. Set up a complex automation flow that targets your list in creative ways. Automation is the key to simplify your email list work, and get more sales and leads. Perfect for: WordPress Websites Shopify Stores Wix/Weebly Websites Landing Pages! Our favorite feature is the landing page creation. Getresponse allows you to build both … Read More

The ULTIMATE Guide to Start a Website or Blog

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There are over 1.8 billion websites hosted around the world right now and we are heading towards 2 billion in another few months’ time. Websites and blogs are considered the lifeline of the internet and search engines. Almost all the information you acquire through search engines is fueled by websites and blogs. Surprisingly, starting a website or a blog has … Read More

The ULTIMATE Guide To Keyword Research

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When having a website of any kind, may it be a product site, a service site, or simply a blog about coffee, understanding keywords is critical to your success. Keywords are the terms people put into search engines, that will then allow Google to show them relevant websites and content from millions of websites. By targeting certain relevant keywords, you … Read More

The ULTIMATE Guide to eCommerce

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The growth of e-commerce in the last decade has been phenomenal. The good thing is its growth continues to soar at a solid rate. In 2017, e-commerce generated around $2.3 trillion in sales. With the phase at which it is growing, we are expecting it to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. So, if you are looking to start your own … Read More


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SEO Tactics for Business Success – Part 1 Thinking about your business success makes you consider or even re-examine the various SEO tactics you have on hand for greater sales and higher ROI. However, SEO is not a quick thing to master overnight. You have to be familiar with all its terms, tips, tricks, and even the special tactics that … Read More

WordPress Plugin Spotlight – All In One SEO

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All In One SEO All In One SEO is one of the most complete SEO plugins for WordPress. Below we go over some of the main features of All In One SEO and our preferred settings for each one. Meta Meta information is integral for search engine optimization, as it lets Google and other search engines know what your website … Read More

WordPress plugins every blog/content writer NEEDS.

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After testing and analyzing oodles of plugins, we’ve decided to save you a boatload of time, and share the three we think are best. Calculated on the merits of usefulness, accessibility (learning curve), as well as being free (or at least freemium). 1. ExpressCurate ExpressCurate is one of the most useful tools for content creators we have run into. It not only … Read More

What’s content syndication?

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As we mentioned before, social is a dominating factor in the SEO landscape. And the best way to promote on social networks….is efficient. Syndicate systems help do that by letting you aggregate all of your social profiles into one place and send bulk updates to all of them at once. After trying out numerous syndicates for distributing social content and some very … Read More

Are you “Mobile Friendly”? You better be!

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It’s Time To Hug And Get Friendly With Mobile This is probably the biggest new element of SEO/SERP. Google will significantly de-rank a website if it does not have a “mobile friendly” version for mobile visitors. This means your website should look “acceptable” on smartphones. Google made this landscape-changing decision primarily due to the fact that mobile search has outpaced desktop search … Read More