Semrush 101

Semrush is an all-in-one toolkit for digital marketing professionals. Not only does this toolkit do your keyword research, but it also tracks any keyword strategy that your competition is using. There is a great deal that Semrush can do for you and your content marketing needs! This company has one desire- to have equal opportunities for everyone, making online competition … Read More

Supercharge Your Amazon Sales With These 3 Tools

If you own an Amazon store or are planning on selling on Amazon, you may be looking for ways to get more sales. There are many marketing tools that you could consider using that can be used to supercharge your sales and positive reviews. In this guide, we will go over three of the top marketing tools from eComEngine that … Read More

Page Builders For WordPress: Why Use Them?

Page Builder For WordPress: Why Use Them?

Using a Page Builder is essential when you use WordPress in my personal opinion. Page Builders are plugins that are optional, but I feel that everyone needs to use them. One can easily edit their pages using a Page Builder. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using Page Builders. We will delve into the top Page Builder … Read More

Why deploy a chatbot for your business?

Introduction A chatbot is a very effective tool that can really help your business flourish. They were designed to support and scale a business team with their relationships with customers. Chatbots help customers engage with the company in an easy manner. And this is an amazing way to help your company grow as it gives customers a better customer experience. … Read More

The Ultimate FaceBook Ads Guide For Business Owners

Introduction Facebook campaigns work really well for business owners. They can be a very powerful tool to use to effectively reach your customers. But if you question why they are not working as well for you as your competition, you are in the right place! In this guide, we will go over everything Facebook related to help your campaign grow … Read More

Top Shopify Plugins To Skyrocket Sales

Introduction Shopify is a commerce platform that helps many individuals grow and manage a business online. This platform allows the shop owner to fully customize the shop. If you have a Shopify store, you know the importance of having customers that purchase in your store. While it can be difficult to set up a site, there are many Shopify plugins … Read More

Top Premium Themes for WordPress & Shopify.

Let’s start with WordPress. Picking the right theme for your website is an essential part of your success. It is best to pick a theme that works well with your site, and also that you feel comfortable with. What works well for a business site may not work the best for a blog. Today, we will discuss three different themes … Read More

Wix Website Building – Making Everything Amazing.

Why try the Wix website building platform? Is it really useful? Is the price worth it? Is it better than WordPress? What are Wix advantages over other competing website builders? You may have heard of WordPress before but Wix may be new to you. However, you should take the time to get to know Wix and see what it offers … Read More

Why Getresponse? Our favorite email newsletter system on the market.

Easy Automation Getresponse automation features are unrivaled. Set up a complex automation flow that targets your list in creative ways. Automation is the key to simplify your email list work, and get more sales and leads. Perfect for: WordPress Websites Shopify Stores Wix/Weebly Websites Landing Pages! Our favorite feature is the landing page creation. Getresponse allows you to build both … Read More

10 Tips to Manage Your Business on Social Media

Over 2.4 billion people turn to social media sites everyday, and these numbers are expected to soar over 3 billion by the year 2021. In general, social media is considered as the heartbeat of the internet. If you own a business then you cannot really ignore social media promotion. However, managing your business on social media can be little tricky … Read More

How to properly scale your online advertising.

This is a common question we get. However, it’s probably the most complex question out there to answer. The answer and strategy can either be very simple or very intricate, depending on your business and growth objectives. Here, I outline some base points that businesses can use to scale their online advertising without blowing your ROI (return on investment). Budgeting … Read More

Facebook Advertising Feature Tips

Why use Facebook for business marketing? Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users and over 1 billion daily users worldwide. There is no other social platform on the internet with such a loyal user base. If you are not using Facebook for your business marketing then you are missing out on a huge chunk of people who could be turned … Read More

The ULTIMATE Guide to Start a Website or Blog

There are over 1.8 billion websites hosted around the world right now and we are heading towards 2 billion in another few months’ time. Websites and blogs are considered the lifeline of the internet and search engines. Almost all the information you acquire through search engines is fueled by websites and blogs. Surprisingly, starting a website or a blog has … Read More

The ULTIMATE Guide To Keyword Research

When having a website of any kind, may it be a product site, a service site, or simply a blog about coffee, understanding keywords is critical to your success. Keywords are the terms people put into search engines, that will then allow Google to show them relevant websites and content from millions of websites. By targeting certain relevant keywords, you … Read More

The ULTIMATE Guide to eCommerce

The growth of e-commerce in the last decade has been phenomenal. The good thing is its growth continues to soar at a solid rate. In 2017, e-commerce generated around $2.3 trillion in sales. With the phase at which it is growing, we are expecting it to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. So, if you are looking to start your own … Read More

A Changing Data Flow

The way marketers and companies are gathering and using data is changing rapidly. With Facebook shutting off the data faucet too many big data brokers, getting customer/audience data is becoming a more manual process. This in my opinion isn’t bad. In fact, it puts many companies on a more equal, and competition-friendly footing. Sure, it will be more time-consuming to … Read More


GDPR In a slightly more paranoid world, GDPR has come into action to make life more difficult for every digital marketer. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is effective as of May 25th, 2018. GDPR mainly affects European consumers. However, in a digitally linked world, even though you or your website may not be directly linking to European consumers, … Read More

Meet AdWhip Site Score

We have just finished implementing the AdWhip Site Score. This is a free tool to help you get an in-depth breakdown of how good your website/landing/sales page is and what you can do to make it better.  Anyone is able to access AdWhip Site Score to get their SEO score.   To date, well over 100 sites have used AdWhip Site … Read More

Facebook LTV

What is it? LTV, or the lifetime value is a custom audience makeup that allows the wise Facebook marketer to create a custom audience around their most “stable” and long-term customer. The lifetime value is the total value of a single customer over the course of doing business with you over a specific period (i.e. 1 year or 10 years, … Read More

The Audience Pyramid

Introduction to the Pyramid Understanding the optimal way of building and targeting your audience, is critical for being successful with Facebook advertising, and any other online marketing. To help you master the audience, we have come up with the “Pyramid”, which creates a visual and mental representation of how you should be thinking about your business audience. Bottom Layer The … Read More


SEO Tactics for Business Success – Part 1 Thinking about your business success makes you consider or even re-examine the various SEO tactics you have on hand for greater sales and higher ROI. However, SEO is not a quick thing to master overnight. You have to be familiar with all its terms, tips, tricks, and even the special tactics that … Read More

How to keep your WordPress visitors on site longer.

As we’ve discussed in past guides, boosting the time visitors spend on your site (TOS) can dramatically boost your search engine rankings. One of the best ways to increase site on time is by adding interactive pages with elements that will keep visitors engaged. Here is our list of plugins that can help you do this. AnsPress AnsPress can create … Read More

Spice up your blog.

We’ve listed out some of our favorite plugins to help turn a simple WordPress blog, into something more ferocious. Adding unique elements to your blog can create a higher level of retention and increase the number of time visitors spend on your website, which has the very important benefit of boosting your search engine ranking (and making your website more fun). … Read More

WordPress Plugin Spotlight – All In One SEO

All In One SEO All In One SEO is one of the most complete SEO plugins for WordPress. Below we go over some of the main features of All In One SEO and our preferred settings for each one. Meta Meta information is integral for search engine optimization, as it lets Google and other search engines know what your website … Read More

Simple tips for improving WordPress SEO.

Categories & Tags In almost any type of website, you can arrange your content in categories and tags, by creating archive pages for each category and tag. This is especially true on the WordPress platform, where categories and tags play an integral role in your site foundation. Why Categories & Tags Should Be Used Categories and tags are simply just … Read More

What is 301 Redirect?

What Is It 301 redirect is a server-side method of pointing a domain to another. What It’s For 301 redirect is to let search engines like Google know that “hey we’ve moved, this is our new page, so please start indexing this one instead”. This is useful for numerous reasons. The first is simple, perhaps you decided to change the … Read More

Your business NEEDS a brand blog.

The purpose of this guide to give you a step by step outline consultation on how you can begin making money with your blog in just 7 days. With business blogging becoming quite mainstream and a good way to generate traffic, you may wonder what your blog should be about. Well not to worry, that’s on the mind of almost … Read More

What is Page Authority, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, & Citation Flow?

Whenever you want to optimize a website for better rankings in search engines or want to improve its SERP performance, four things that are most likely to crop up with your research are Page Authority, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, and Citation Flow. In fact, these factors are often called as four pillars of SEO and are very essential if you … Read More

Plugins you NEED to engage with and nurture your audience.

It’s extremely important to build a strong community around your brand. These plugins help you connect with your visitors and bring more value to your website. After testing and analyzing oodles of plugins, we’ve decided to save you a boatload of time, and share the three we think are best. Calculated on the merits of usefulness, accessibility (learning curve), as well as … Read More

WordPress plugins to turn your site into an affiliate powerhouse.

After testing and analyzing oodles of plugins, we’ve decided to save you a boatload of time, and share the three we think are best. Calculated on the merits of usefulness, accessibility (learning curve), as well as being free (or at least freemium). 1. Post Affiliate Pro Post Affiliate Pro is one of the best affiliate systems we have tested. With PAP, you … Read More

BEST monetization plugins.

After testing and analyzing oodles of plugins, we’ve decided to save you a boatload of time, and share the three we think are best. Calculated on the merits of usefulness, accessibility (learning curve), as well as being free (or at least freemium). 1. Simple Ads Manager Simple Ads Manager is a great way to start a business around your website or blog. … Read More

WordPress plugins every blog/content writer NEEDS.

After testing and analyzing oodles of plugins, we’ve decided to save you a boatload of time, and share the three we think are best. Calculated on the merits of usefulness, accessibility (learning curve), as well as being free (or at least freemium). 1. ExpressCurate ExpressCurate is one of the most useful tools for content creators we have run into. It not only … Read More

Social Signals!

Social networks are an extremely effective way to speed up natural link development, that nearly 70% of all businesses don’t yet even implement. Creating Social Signals involves spreading your links and post through various social networks. By creating social media accounts and adding your content, you are essentially creating social signals to your website, that will continue to multiply as users share, like, tweet … Read More

What’s content syndication?

As we mentioned before, social is a dominating factor in the SEO landscape. And the best way to promote on social networks….is efficient. Syndicate systems help do that by letting you aggregate all of your social profiles into one place and send bulk updates to all of them at once. After trying out numerous syndicates for distributing social content and some very … Read More

Are you “Mobile Friendly”? You better be!

It’s Time To Hug And Get Friendly With Mobile This is probably the biggest new element of SEO/SERP. Google will significantly de-rank a website if it does not have a “mobile friendly” version for mobile visitors. This means your website should look “acceptable” on smartphones. Google made this landscape-changing decision primarily due to the fact that mobile search has outpaced desktop search … Read More

Essential (and free) SEO plugins for your WordPress site.

Here is our list of the absolutely most critical plugins that your WordPress site or blog NEEDS. We firmly recommend the below plugins for any website, new or old due to their combined value of utility, ease of use, and the fact that they are free (some having premium features of course if you get really serious). Now keep in mind, there … Read More

Why video content?

Video Content For SEO Video content for SEO can be anything from creating a video review about a product or service or simply a niche informational video on a topic related to your website, that acts as a supplement to your existing written article. Why Video Content Is Important Unlike 90% of all articles, creating a video can add that extra OOMPH … Read More

Lifetime Value

About LTV When we sit down with clients to determine ROI, the first thing we determine is the LTV (lifetime value) of their customers. This applies to both service and product-based companies. It is important to look beyond just one sale or a single month of subscription. This lifetime value metric is so critical in determining so many following factors. … Read More