Spice up your blog.

We’ve listed out some of our favorite plugins to help turn a simple WordPress blog, into something more ferocious. Adding unique elements to your blog can create a higher level of retention and increase the number of time visitors spend on your website, which has the very important benefit of boosting your search engine ranking (and making your website more fun).

We believe these plugins are the best in their categories and are free to use (with premium options).

1. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is an extremely dynamic plugin that lets you turn your website into a social network. We don’t have enough page room to list ALL of its features, but it offers almost everything you need to build a deep community network of any type.

2. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is the most well-rounded job managing plugin to turn your WordPress site into a job board. This plugin not only makes it easy for you to list jobs but gives you the option of letting your visitors and members list jobs as well. This is a great way to turn your WordPress site into an online job board.

3. Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin is one of the highest-rated and most dynamic plugins to turn your WordPress blog into a classified posting website. This is great for creating a classified website in specific niches related to your blog, giving your blog an extra dynamic. Some noteworthy features include an option to charge posters per post, creating an additional revenue stream for your blog.


1. Client Dash

Client Dash is a useful plugin if you are using WordPress as a service base. This lets you customize admin panels for clients with specific tabs, helping you give your clients a more well-rounded experience.

2. iFlyChat

iFlyChat is one of the best plugins for user-to-user chat integration. This plugin lets users chat with each other in real-time, giving you the flexibility to turn your blog into a chat room, or extending certain sections of your blog with chat features that let users interact with each other in real-time.