Semrush 101

Semrush is an all-in-one toolkit for digital marketing professionals. Not only does this toolkit do your keyword research, but it also tracks any keyword strategy that your competition is using. There is a great deal that Semrush can do for you and your content marketing needs!

This company has one desire- to have equal opportunities for everyone, making online competition transparent and fair.

Semrush by the numbers

Semrush currently has over 4 million users. They have done over 800 million keywords and have over 100 geodatabases. They also have over 130 million domains. They have over 10 years of experience, 6 offices that are located on 2 continents, and more than 500 employees in 4 countries. They have been helping users since 2008.

Semrush has a long list of happy customers that are popular among the internet. These include eBay,,, and Quora.

Semrush SEO

Semrush offers so much for any SEO professional. The SEO tool kit will offer a solution for you that will take your SEO to the next level. Semrush promises to provide the following:

  • technical SEO audit
  • semantic core collection
  • position tracking
  • backlinks audit and analytics
  • ideas for gaining organic traffic
  • competitive intelligence
  • “not provided” problem solutions

Semrush Paid Traffic

Semrush paid traffic can improve the efforts of your PPC efforts. These tools were designed to:

  • PPC Ads strategy analysis
  • Ad campaigns management
  • AdWords integration
  • Ad keywords and creatives research
  • Competition analysis

Semrush Content and PR

Semrush can help your content get better results and also help your PR by:

  • Knowing where your brand is mentioned
  • Discovering which channels are used by competitors
  • Focusing on using the right channels to promote your content and brand
  • Discovering trending topics
  • Evaluating Engagement for future content adjustments

Semrush Social Media

Social media is one thing that many individuals utilize in the world. Semrush will be able to help you with your social media efforts by:

  • Views, engagement, and other important metrics tracking
  • Get instant insights to get better results
  • Track, monitor and learn from your competitors
  • Prevent failures on Social Media
  • Posting to all of your social accounts from one place
  • Scheduling posts and manage your queues (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram)
  • Saving time using social media automation features
  • Analyzing your content’s performance
  • Using Poster Chrome Extension

Semrush Solutions

There are two different Semrush solutions: E-commerce and Enterprise.


E-commerce is an all in one solution for boosting your online store. You will be able to get more sales, find out how to get more traffic and organic searches, build a brand, and manage your marketing team.

Features of E-commerce

E-commerce Semrush has many great features for those that need assistance with their online stores. These amazing features include:

  • Custom reports- Build reports that can be personalized within the My Report Tools. You will be able to send these reports to your management, your team, or your clients.
  • Marketing Calendar- This calendar allows you to plan and align all your marketing campaigns and activities. You can also analyze your performance with Google Analytics integration.
  • Semrush Academy-  Earn your certificate from this renowned company for free to take your digital marketing expertise to the next level.

E-commerce Benefits

  1. Receive 24/7 support from the marketing community with E-commerce. Feel free to ask for tips and tricks to help you with your digital marketing efforts.
  2. Easily manage your reputation online. Monitor and respond to your customer’s reviews in a timely fashion. Utilize one-click posting to multiple social media makes your efforts even easier.
  3. You will be able to cross-match negative keywords to stay on a budget better.
  4.  You will be allowed to optimize your CPC and get more conversions for less money.
  5. Audit your website to make your content unique. With Semrush E-commerce you will be able to get backlink ideas, borrow keywords from competitors, track their positions on a daily basis, and find other recommendations.


Enterprise has everything you need for your business marketing needs. Here you will be able to share your project with other members of your team and customize your databases.

Features of Enterprise

Enterprise has many features that make it one of the best for business needs. These features include:

  • White-label reports- When using Semrush Enterprise, you will have full access to a wide variety of white label reports that are fully customizable. They even offer custom-built reports that are exclusive. If you ask for it, they will make it!
  • Custom GEO databases- It does not matter if you are looking for deeper or wider databases, Enterprise offers it. Just contact Semrush and let them know what you are looking for. They will get back to you with a solution that is designed to fit your needs.
  • Collaboration- Semrush Enterprise allows you to share your project with other team members, which will help to improve your workflow and synergy.
  • Custom Integrations- Semrush Enterprise easily makes it possible to get alerts and notifications or create tasks in your project management tools. You can also use their API to build your own integrations.

Enterprise Benefits

  1. Enterprise provides on-site training for your employees.
  2. Enterprise provides consultations. This will allow your business to gain professional advice and expertise from their marketing gurus.
  3. Get premium support with Enterprise. Both Semrush’s dedicated support specialist and account managers will offer immediate support and personalized assistance with any issue that is encountered.
  4. Semrush Enterprise provides you with new features and tools each day.

Semrush Academy

Semrush academy offers a wealth of courses and exams that one can take for free. These courses and exams are on SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, SMM, and Affiliates. All of the courses and exams can be done in English, French, or Spanish. If you take the course and pass the exams, you will be awarded a certificate.

Some of the courses that Semrush academy offers include the Semrush SEO Toolkit exam, SEO Fundamentals Exam, SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford, Technical SEO course with Bastian Grimm, and PCC Fundamentals Exam.

Plans and Pricing

There are four different plans that are offered by Semrush.

  1. Pro Plan- With this plan, you can run your SEO, PPC, SMM, and content projects with 28 advanced tools. This plan is great for freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with a limited budget. With this plan, you will be allowed 10,000 results per report with 3,000 reports per day. It can be billed monthly at $99.95 a month or annually at $83.28 per month.
  2. Guru Plan- Get all the pro features with this plan, along with branded reports, historical data, and extended limits. It can be billed monthly at $199.95 per month or annually at a rate of $166.62 per month. This plan works best for SMB and growing marketing agencies. You will be allowed up to 30,000 results per report with 5,000 reports a day.
  3. The Business Plan- All of the Guru plan features, plus white label reports, API access. and extended limits and sharing options are featured in this plan. This plan is essential for agencies, E-commerce projects, and businesses with an extensive web presence. It can be billed monthly at a rate of $399.95 per month or annually for a charge of $333.28 per month. The Business plan allows up to 50,000 results per report with 10,000 reports per day.
  4. The Enterprise Plan- This plan is a customized plan that will fit the needs of your business. If you are interested in this plan, you will need to contact Semrush directly. With this plan, you will be able to have custom keyword databases, custom limits, unlimited crawling of large websites, on-site training, and have other add-on features upon request.

Every plan includes all of the following:

  •  Site Audit
  •  On-Page SEO Checker
  •  Position Tracking
  •  Social Media Tracker
  •  Social Media Poster
  •  Backlink Audit
  •  Marketing Calendar
  •  Log File Analyzer
  •  Brand Monitoring
  •  Post Tracking
  •  Content Audit
  •  Organic Traffic Insights
  •  PPC Keyword Tool
  •  Organic Research
  •  Keyword Research
  •  Keyword Magic Tool
  •  Ad Builder
  •  Advertising research
  •  Display Advertising
  •  Backlinks
  •  SEO Content Template
  •  Sensor
  •  Keyword Difficulty
  •  Gap Analysis
  •  Traffic Overview
  •  Lead Generation Tool
  •  Topic Research
  •  My reports
  •  Notes

Semrush Help

If you need help at any point while using Semrush, there are many great resources you can use.

Semrush Knowledge Base

Use the Semrush Knowledgebase to find out information on the Semrush Toolkit. Utilize it to look up words in the Semrush glossary or find out how to get started. You can also learn about billing and accounting in this section or read one of their many how-to articles.

You can also explore the community section to learn more tips and tricks about Semrush. Here you will have access to blogs, webinars, e-books, and games.

You may also contact Semrush directly. They have a customer support team that is ready to handle any question you have for them. Contact them by phone or use their form online to send them a message.

In Conclussion

If you are not using Semrush for your website, you are greatly missing out. Semrush is perfect for any business, large or small! There is a plan available to fit any websites needs. There is even an option to have Semrush customize a plan for you.