What’s content syndication?

As we mentioned before, social is a dominating factor in the SEO landscape. And the best way to promote on social networks….is efficient. Syndicate systems help do that by letting you aggregate all of your social profiles into one place and send bulk updates to all of them at once. After trying out numerous syndicates for distributing social content and some very handy supplements, we have compiled the best ones in the industry, listed in order of our favorite.


1. Onlywire 

Onlywire is one of the best syndication systems. The benefit of Onlywire is its price flexibility. Onlywire lets you start with a cheap monthly plan of only $9.99, and let you scale as you need to.

The main drawback of Onlywire is that it does not have any features for letting you spin text when starting your syndication campaign.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a kind of an all-in-one package with features that let you both manage your social accounts and syndicate your content to multiple social networks. Additionally, Hootsuite has great scheduling features that let you be in full control of your syndication.

3. Syndwire

Syndwire is probably the most powerful syndication platform on the list (although also having the most expensive starting plan). Syndwire’s most prevalent feature is letting you spin content during your syndication campaign, making each piece appear unique.

Syndication Supplements 

Syndication supplements are just that, they supplement the syndication services above with extra features to add some extra power to your distribution strategy. These may include spinning your posts to make them unique to each network as well as connecting you with other users to “swap” posts on each others’ networks for extra exposure.

1. Syndr

Syndr connects is a great supplement to Onlywire. It lets you connect your Onlywire accounts and promote other users’ links, while they promote yours. It takes harnesses the power of the crowd to help take your content viral.

2. TribePro

TribePro also harnesses the power of the crowd, letting others share your content through their syndicate webs.

3. Socialadr

Socialadr lets you syndicate your content, while also taps into other people’s syndication web to help elevate your syndication campaign.


Now if you’re the very handy type of person (that prefers to build something instead of buying it), you can use a very nifty little service called If This, Then That, which is an automation tool that lets you set up “recipes” by connecting multiple network signals. For example, you can set up a recipe that posts your blog message to a social network, as soon as you make a blog post. This means you can set up your OWN syndication using various signals. This will take some time, but once you get it up and running, you can have a working syndication platform and the best part is that YOU built it.