How to keep your WordPress visitors on site longer.

As we’ve discussed in past guides, boosting the time visitors spend on your site (TOS) can dramatically boost your search engine rankings. One of the best ways to increase site on time is by adding interactive pages with elements that will keep visitors engaged. Here is our list of plugins that can help you do this.


AnsPress can create a question/answer style section on your WordPress site. This can supplement the content you have and create a community section or mini-forum for users to interact with. Forums are highly ranked by Google, as visitors, on average, tend to spend a long duration of time from a single visit.

Thumbs Rating

This plugin can be added to certain sections of your page through a shortcode to let users vote thumbs up and down, adding a deeper level of engagement.

Ranker Poll

Ranker Poll will let you make lists for specific topics and let users vote for the top. We’ve found this dramatically increases engagement, as readers like to voice their opinions on topics they are interested in.

The below plugins target comment-section engagement.


Speakol adds a deep comment-section element that lets users take sides on a specific piece of content. This gives visitors a big reason to come back to the page, to read opposing and relating opinions from other visitors.


Vicomi adds a “mood” button to the comment section, letting users share how they felt about the article. Mood icons can be adjusted, so your creativity is the limit with regard to what you can do with this plugin.


Another plugin that lets users pick on the mood of the article. Moods can be adjusted by the admin. This will help you make visitors a deeper interaction with your content, and give you valuable feedback.

Visual Feedback

The final plugin that lets visitors give a more visual representation of their opinion and feeling on the content. This is a great way to build a more dedicated community, keep users engaged on your site for longer periods of time, and get feedback for valuable content improvements.


By implementing some of these, you can make your WordPress website more interactive for your visitors and keep them engaged longer. It is important to not overdo it with plugins and features. Select the ones that fit your website and community and are relevant.