Meet AdWhip Site Score

We have just finished implementing the AdWhip Site Score. This is a free tool to help you get an in-depth breakdown of how good your website/landing/sales page is and what you can do to make it better.  Anyone is able to access AdWhip Site Score to get their SEO score.   To date, well over 100 sites have used AdWhip Site Score to get in depth-reviews, SEO analysis, and recommendations checklists. 

Features of AdWhip Site Score

AdWhip Site Score has many features that can make your website better.  Features include META Tags, Keyword  Consistency Data, Traffic Reporting, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Preview, and Desktop/Mobile Optimization.

  • META Tags- A sample of your page’s content is imperative to SEO, as Google will be able to see what the page is about.  This element is needed for anyone who does SEO. 
  • Keyword Consistency Data – A keyword is needed for SEO as this is the word that will be used for the search query.  A phrase may also be used.  These words will define what your website is all about.   You want your keywords to be spread out on your page, thus being consistent.  They should be placed in the most important places, following a particular pattern. 
  • Traffic Reporting-  Taking a look at the traffic on your website is imperative for SEO.  This will give the site owner a better understanding, so they can optimize the site better.   The best traffic reporting will compare week on week, month on month, and year on year comparisons.  Site Score will show you unique visits along with page views. 
  • Google PageSpeed Insights-  This section will show if the page has applied common performance best practices.  It will show the number of resources, number of hosts, total requests, image response, HTM response, and more. 
  • Google Preview- You will be able to see what your URL will look like in Google’s search results. 
  • Desktop/Mobile Optimization-  Optimizing for both desktop and mobile devices is key.  Many individuals are using their mobile devices more and more, however, desktops are used in many businesses and homes.  This can ensure that the exact same content is seen on a desktop as it is on a mobile device. 

Rank better with AdWhip Site Score

If you want your website to rank better, AdWhip Site Score can help with that.  This reliable tool will help do just that.  You will be able to see how your site is doing with its Search Engine Optimization(SEO), look into what is working for your site and what is not, look for SEO issues that need to be addressed, and take a deeper look at what needs to be improved, removed, or replaced. 

Ease of Use

AdWhip Site Score is very easy to use.  You simply place the URL or domain name in the search bar and then click on Score.  Within a short amount of time, your score will be revealed up in the left-hand corner.  Below this, you will be given sites that have a similar ranking to your website.  The top of the page will show your success percentage of passing verification steps, along with the percentage of all warnings received within this report.  An error percentage is shown below this.

Next,  the report moves on to showing the page speed for desktop and mobile devices.  AdWhip Site Score will provide you with your domain authority, the usability of mobile, bounce rate, MOZ rank,  and page authority.  

Speed and optimization tips are also given in this report.  You will be able to see if your title and description are optimized, as well as if you have a robots txt. file.  Here you can see if your site has an SSL certificate, a sitemap, and how fast your page speed loads on desktops and mobile devices.  Site Score will tell you in this section if your site is blacklisted if you are using H1 and H2 headings on your page and if you have any errors W3C.  This section also shows if you have broken links if your site has a favicon, if your domain authority is good, and if your site is GZIP compressed. 

All reports are easy to read.  A green checkmark means you are good to go with your page in that area.  If you see an exclamation point, you will need to make changes.

If you have registered for an account with AdWhip Site Score, you will be able to see your Social data and technologies, as well as keeping your brand secure.


As you can see, AdWhip Site Score has so much to offer.  This free tool can help your website be better optimized so you can do better with your SEO efforts.  The report is given right away, so you can concentrate on what needs to be fixed to get your ranking higher. 

If your site did well (45+), you can download a PDF summary of the report and brag to all of your friends. Give it a try and let us know if it helped you and what features we should add to it in the next update. And if you have any questions, let’s talk!

If your site did well (45+), you can download a PDF summary of the report and brag to all of your friends. Give it a try and let us know if it helped you and what features we should add to it in the next update.

And if you have any questions, let’s talk!