Top Shopify Plugins To Skyrocket Sales


Shopify is a commerce platform that helps many individuals grow and manage a business online. This platform allows the shop owner to fully customize the shop.

If you have a Shopify store, you know the importance of having customers that purchase in your store. While it can be difficult to set up a site, there are many Shopify plugins that make it easier to attract customers that will be loyal.

In this article, we will discuss the top Shopify plugins that will help store owners sell more products. Each of these Shopify plugins offers great benefits and features that can assist your website in growth!

Beeketing Boost Sales

Beeketing is trusted by more than 70,000 Shopify stores worldwide. This company has been in the business for six years working very closely with online sellers. The company started building plugins in 2008 as a freelance team, growing to help over 300,000 brands succeed and grow themselves. Their mission is to do great work to make your life easier while growing your business bigger.

Boost Sales one-click installation makes it easy and simple to get your store on the way to earning more.

Beeketing Boost Sales will allow you to start earning more money on your Shopify store by boosting your sales with the number 1 upselling technique used on Amazon. Sellers will be able to suggest products that are higher-end alternatives in order to increase order values on all sales.

This is done by a popup. Any item that is added to the cart will show a popup that has other items the customer may be interested in.

Cross-Selling on Beeketing With Boost Sales

With Beeketing Boost Sales, you can also cross-sell. This allows the seller to bundle products together that may go hand in hand. A product that is viewed by the customer will also show a popup in the corner that showcases those products. Discount coupons can be added to this to really entice the customer.

Excite Customers

With Boost Sales, you can excite and entice your customers at the same time. Smart coupons pop up, allowing your customer to save money, which in turn will motivate them to add more products to their cart. This will help user engagement on your site, refer a friend, or come back again.

Sell More at Checkout

When your customers click on the checkout button, a final offer will pop up that will suggest an item they may wish to add to their cart before paying for purchases. Sales history and your customer’s online shopping behavior are taking into consideration when these products are selected to pop up.

Highlights of Beeketing Boost Sales

Beeketing Boost Sales is a robust plugin that has many amazing highlights. These include:

  • Bundle Discounts- Customers love saving money, and will happily purchase bundles of items if they see a great discount. Allowing them to choose their discount will seal the deal.
  • Responsive on all devices- Beeketing Boost Sales is responsive on all mobile devices. Over half of the customers are shopping using their mobile devices to do so. UI and UX are optimized not only for desktops but also for phones in order for customers to have the best experience available.
  • Holiday themes that are pre-designed for convenience- One of the best times to sell is during the holidays as this is the time that people are in the mood to buy. This will allow you to decorate your storefront, which will help convert those sales!
  • Detailed performance report- Optimize and track what offers work the best for your storefront. A detailed report is given on every single offer.

Beeketing Checkout Boost

Beeketing Checkout Boost will help prevent carts from being abandoned. This can help boost your checkout rate by up to 25%!

Checkout Boost has one-click integration, making it hassle-free. It is UI and UX optimized, has highly customizable settings, and supports all devices. Language translation is also supported to help your business grow. More than 9,000 customers worldwide trust Checkout Boost.

Boost Checkout Rate While Gaining Social Referral Traffic

One of the biggest benefits of using the Beeketing Boost Checkout Plugin is by offering your customers an offer from sharing about their orders on Facebook or Twitter. This will highly motivate your customers to check out faster. Discount codes, a free gift, or free shipping could be the reward.

When your customers share their experiences with their orders, more social referral traffic will go to your site. And with more referrals, that can mean more sales and more customers for your brand.

Exit-Intent Offers

Exit-Intent offers entice your customers to stay onsite and complete the order.

This is an exciting way to keep customers from abandoning their carts. To date, about 68% of customers place items in their carts, and then leave the site without checking out.

Every single mouse movement will be tracked, with the offer being displayed right before the customer leaves the store.

Countdown Offers

Countdown offers are beneficial to those using Checkout Boost. Customers will be offered a gift if they check out before time runs out. With the clock ticking, customers will feel an urgent need to check out. This can prompt them to buy spontaneously.

Highlights of Checkout Boost

Checkout Boost has many highlights that make it great for your brand. These highlights include:

  • Supports most offer types- Any type of incentives that customers find enticing, such as buy one, get one free, free shipping, discount codes, and more.
  • Very Responsive- Checkout Boost works great on any device beautifully, which will keep your customers happy. They can use a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Detailed performance reports- Reports are generated on every offer so the owner can keep track of what works and then optimize them for the best performance.
  • Customizable and pre-designed themes- Match your store look and feel to attract more customers to your site.

Beeketing MailBot

Personalize follow up emails with Beeketing Email Automation. Grow sales by up to 30% while saving 85% of your precious time! To date, 20,6000 businesses worldwide trust Beeketing MailBot.

Benefits of Using Beeketing MailBot

Mailbot has many wonderful benefits of using this Shopify plugin. These benefits include:

  • Boosting conversion rates- Motivate your customers to make more purchases when you follow up with them.
  • Customer loyalty is increased- Recommendations can be sent to your customers, along with the hottest offers and coupon codes.
  • Increase in retention rate- Customers that are slipping away will come back again.
  • New Arrivals- Newsletter Bot will create a new arrivals newsletter after detecting new items were added to your storefront. This will help you promote them to your customers each and every week.
  • Recommendations sitewide- A smart big data algorithm is applied to help understand your customer’s interest by using their sales history purchases. A personalized newsletter can be sent to each customer based off this information.
  • Happy email- Happy emails allow you to send thank yous to your customers. This happens half an hour after they make their first purchase. They are also sent after they sign up for an account. This will help gain trust from customers, as well as give a personal touch.
  • Sales nurturing- Mailbot will engage your customers with personalized and automated emails to nurture those that are interested in a certain product, but have not yet purchased it.
  • Sales Return- Bring back individuals that truly want a product, but have not yet purchased it. To increase retention rate, an email is sent to remind customers about the products in your store.
  • Buy again- With buy again, emails will be composed with your assistance to target those that purchased certain products.
  • Reward Coupons- If a customer has had multiple purchases on your site, you can motivate them with a reward coupon.
  • In-depth anyalization- This tool will give the store owner insights on making the right decisions for their storefront.

Highlights of MailBot

Many amazing highlights make Mailbot a number one Shopify plugin. These features include:

  • Work out of the box- Powerful email campaigns are ready to be sent out with a few clicks.
  • Responsive on all devices- Mailbot works beautifully on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This allows the best possible shopping experience for your customers.
  • Personalization- The best personal experience will be brought to your customers with the help of Mailbot. Any email sent out will be tailored to fit your customer.
  • Performance report- Receive an in-depth performance report to assist in seeing what types of email work the best, along with how you can optimize them to work better. The performance report is easy to follow, with straightforward details of every single campaign you have run.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many different kinds of Shopify plugins that can make a world of difference in your storefront. These plugins are all responsive on any device, and they truly help you by seeing what your customers want and need. This can assist you in making more sales, gaining more exposure, and landing more customers. Consider trying any one of these top plugins to make your business soar.