WordPress plugins every blog/content writer NEEDS.

After testing and analyzing oodles of plugins, we’ve decided to save you a boatload of time, and share the three we think are best.

Calculated on the merits of usefulness, accessibility (learning curve), as well as being free (or at least freemium).

1. ExpressCurate

ExpressCurate is one of the most useful tools for content creators we have run into. It not only helps you discover new topics to write about based on your content keywords but helps populate your content with useful SEO benefiting elements like videos and images. Simply scroll down the ExpressCurate website to download the free plugin and get started.

2. MyCurate

MyCurate is another excellent tool for bloggers and writers (and any content creators), as it helps generate fresh ideas. However, MyCurate brings in relevant, keyword-related content through RSS, while filtering spammy content. This helps you get started on a new article or story with a base, and build on the relevant content MyCurate finds for you.

3. Zedity

Unlike the first two plugins, Zedity isn’t about content idea discovery, but what it does do, is help make your content POP. With millions of words of articles added to the WWW on a weekly basis, it’s important to make your content stand out. Zedity allows you to get really creative with the layout of your posted stories, without needing to know in-depth HTML and CSS. This will allow you to build a differentiated “brand” around your content and in turn, grow a following.



PlayBuzz is a great plugin to add some flavor to your postings, by adding fun quizzes and games within posts. These come directly from PlayBuzz, and you can find something interesting in any niche. This is a good way to briefly give your followers a short mental break from reading, which in turn, will keep them longer on your page (good for SEO).