Why video content?

Video Content For SEO

Video content for SEO can be anything from creating a video review about a product or service or simply a niche informational video on a topic related to your website, that acts as a supplement to your existing written article.

Why Video Content Is Important

Unlike 90% of all articles, creating a video can add that extra OOMPH to your piece, and Google will certainly see this through their content quality measuring systems. This will give your article a leg up in ranking in Google for the specific keywords you are targeting within your article and preferably in the title of the article.

Additional Potential

Outside of just making your content look richer and provide your visitors that something extra that will keep them on your site extra (also good for SEO), you can add your video to numerous video hosts, like YouTube and Vimeo. By adding a good description and title for your video, as well as a link back to your site, the potential of garnering bonus traffic from visitors on those websites as well as potential social media sharing is limitless. And all of this extra traffic is FREE.

Let’s Have A Look

These are perfect examples of great video content by Marques Brownlee. This demonstrates how videos can be used for search engine optimization. As many other blogs (just like us) link to Marques’s videos, his SEO will skyrocket, which will then feed a significant amount of link power to the website(s) he links to in the video description. You can’t go wrong with great videos like these that then links to your website.

It’s best if the video is short, simple, and to the point of fulfilling its objective (a review or an info piece) as you want the visitor to visit your website for more details. The description section should contain a detailed paragraph about the video, containing keywords that are related to your website (or those you are ranking your website for). Finally, a clear link(s) to your website should be visible above the fold (above the “show more” button).


Generating quality videos is quite simple today. There are numerous browser-based video creators like Animoto, which provide you the tools to generate videos without a large time investment. I was able to rank for “Carl’s Review” by filming a simple review from my iPhone of three of my friends eating at Carls Jr. This video was unedited and in rough shape, but still reached the top three spots with nearly 20,000 views. This is of course not a good example for all content, as Carls Review is not the most competitive of topics, but it does bring home the point that you don’t have to be Spielberg with filming quality and budget.

Start Now! 

The sooner you begin making videos for your website, the better. You may not see many views in a couple of weeks or months of uploading your video (several hundred if you make good quality videos with proper keywords), but as you build up your channel, you will see your subscriber count add up. This will have a compounding effect on future videos, as subscribers will be sharing your videos, leading to more subscribers and more visitors to your website every time you upload a new video.