10 Tips to Manage Your Business on Social Media

Over 2.4 billion people turn to social media sites everyday, and these numbers are expected to soar over 3 billion by the year 2021. In general, social media is considered as the heartbeat of the internet. If you own a business then you cannot really ignore social media promotion. However, managing your business on social media can be little tricky … Read More

How to properly scale your online advertising.

This is a common question we get. However, it’s probably the most complex question out there to answer. The answer and strategy can either be very simple or very intricate, depending on your business and growth objectives. Here, I outline some base points that businesses can use to scale their online advertising without blowing your ROI (return on investment). Budgeting … Read More

Facebook Advertising Feature Tips

Why use Facebook for business marketing? Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users and over 1 billion daily users worldwide. There is no other social platform on the internet with such a loyal user base. If you are not using Facebook for your business marketing then you are missing out on a huge chunk of people who could be turned … Read More